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Do you ever feel out of place? (WIP)

STRANGER DANGER. What our parents have ingrained into our noggins since birth - maybe even way before we ever saw the light of day. Strange is defined as unfamiliar, difficult to understand or explain, and leading up to being ill at ease. There are many mystifying things about the unknown, like that short - or in my case, long and torturous window of time before you fall into deep sleep where you have no control of your thoughts and it wanders into every crevice of horror. Happy thoughts collated from the past day slowly deforms and spirals into an ugly mix of regrets, embarrassment, anger, anxiety, self-loathing, the list can go on but is the strange...unfamiliar if this process is routinely familiar?

Strange feelings bring about fear. I have many fears. But the fear of letting myself down because of my never-ending list of regrets, continue to haunt me every single second. It stresses me out and sends me running about this entire cycle with no brakes. Right now do I have my head in the clouds or a clouded head? What if I'm a disastrous mix of both?

......this thought process of my journey to figure out the dark side of my mind continues in my WIP Stranger Danger illustrative zine.

ETA: When I settled down my mind enough to have a chat over tea.

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