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The Boy Who Always Misses

Johnson and Johnson Vision Care


90% of children in China suffer from myopia. The task was to raise awareness to the issue and money for children in need of early screening.

Leveraging on the cultural insight that Chinese parents attach hopes and aspirations of desired futures encapsulated in the names of their children, we begin the campaign with a viral film that explored the story of a young boy as he tries to live up to his name while struggling with poor eyesight. The film garnered 463 million impressions in just 4 days. An estimate of 200,000 children benefited from the 1.8 million yuan donated to the campaign.

We followed up with a series of children's books given away to school and libraries for children to read and their parents to learn more about the seriousness of myopia through the various names and stories behind them. 

Executive Creative Director: Aaron Phua
Art Director: Eslyn Heng, Ken Kenako, Rong Yi
Copywriter: Cameron Ng

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