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Ahren Stringer


To rebrand Crust gourmet pizza bar’s outlook, logo, and website. Giving it a fresh new look and feel that would appeal to the market.

Video: allthingsbbq




All New Look.

A new website was created to give Crust that funky, cheeky feel but not compromising their specially crafted pizzas. Colours are kept to a minimum and unnecessary graphics were taken out. It’s now clean, simple, and to the point. With the main focus being the pizzas.

The new hand-drawn logo, is more on point and easy on the eyes. The crumble shows how crispy the crust is, with the cracked look. It’s more simple and edgier. The tagline is a simple sans serif font so as not to outshine the main point. This shows the link between the name and the logo.


Responsive Design



Crust’s newly furbished website caters to all platforms to maximise reach to a wider range of target audience.

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