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Creating my own Snapchat lens!

After attending a seminar held by Snapchat this year at SPIKES, I quickly learned how accessible it was to create your own filter or augmented reality lens all thanks to Snap Inc. - who released a open source software to the public called Lens Studio. I was inspired by their portfolio of brands that've used the software, it definitely looked fun and easy BUT I was wrong. And that's only because I'm limited by my skills - I clearly have yet to venture into 3D modelling or the likes. The software however, was easy to grasp only after watching the guides Snap Inc. uploaded on their YouTube to help newbies like me.

I'm certainly proud of what I created for the company despite the lack of popping 3D-ness (I'll have to work on that!). I'll definitely branch out and explore more filters so stay tuned!

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