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Changi Airport

Project: Work

Year: 2018-2019

Digital, Social Media, Animation

With a multitude of fun and new experiences to be had at the newly established Jewel Changi Airport, we had to come up with a dynamic and imaginative social media approach to match it.


We managed to encapsulate the endless discovery at Jewel through the implementation of fluid and dynamic movement across all posts. Inspired by the nature and triangular facade of Jewel, each post was created with that in mind - from the colour palette to the subtle nod to the facade.

A filter and template was created for user generated content on Instagram and posts for tenants on Facebook - all to keep in line with the distinctive Jewel look. An additional Instagram Story sticker pack was released in two parts to help extend more interactions and engagement with the public and help garner more attention to the new lifestyle attraction.

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